What is Ophelius Labs

We’re building an ecosystem
for the manufacturing sector.

It all began with a group of professionals from San Diego, CA USA who dreamt of starting something completely new, based on Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing, Programmable Tokens, and 3D Printing.

Together, we established Ophelius Labs, a company dedicated to implementing these fundamentals into ecosystems for companies active in the manufacturing business, and related verticals.

At the end, Our aims to integrate companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

why manufacturing

Ophelius Labs Ecosystem Benefits

In the industrial and manufacturing sector, companies spend time, manpower, and resources to manage operational platforms – accounting, production, human resources, so on and so forth.

Even though this is considered disruptive; it is the standard. Managing multiple platforms, takes resources away from the primary goal of a company; which is growth, sustainability, predictability, and ultimately profit and liquidity.

As companies grow, the dependency on these platforms increases, which adds to the disruptive costs that are incurred in order to “just” manage these platforms. By achieving an inclusive ecosystem built on Programmable Tokens + A.I. + 3D Printing, a company can refocus its resources back on production efficiency.


Ecosystem key features

The Lab will offer startups state of the art manufacturing technics enrolling A.I. Robotics and Distributed Ledger technologies in order to create far more efficient production chain.

By achieving an inclusive ecosystem built on Programmable Tokens + A.I. + 3D Printing, a company can refocus its resources back on production efficiency.

The registry is a tamper-proof, append-only ledger that uses state-of-the-art cryptography.

The partnership with startups is not limited to manufacturing. The clients will have the ability to outsource their Administration, Logistics, Marketing etc.

Clients will be offered the opportunity to participate in vertical industry sell-offs; meaning exclusivity in manufacturing with the lab’s processes in a given industry.


Token Sale

The tokens will be available for transfer as soon token sale is over. Tokens reserved for the team/company are subject to time locks, as specified.

August 2019

30 Days

30% Bonus
September – October 2019

60 Days

25% Bonus
November 2019

30 Days

20% Bonus
Dec 2019 | Jan 2020 | 1-15 Feb 2020
15% | 10% | 7%

75 Days

Participate in Token Offering
  • Token Symbol OPPL
  • Token Sale Start 15 July 2019
  • Token Sale End 15 February 2020
  • Tokens for sale 42,857,143
  • Token Price $0.35 USD
  • Specifications ERC20
  • Max circulating supply 100,000,000
  • Sale duration 210 days

Token Allocation

Fund Allocation


Our Vision In Detail

Take a look in our whitepaper to get to know the project in-depth. Our One-Pager & Two-Pager documents are a great starting point, as they sum up the key points of Ophelius Labs.

Two pager

Road Map

Since our inception, our goal has been clearly spanned out throughout several years of operations, adding verticals on the way.

December 2018
  • Concept Finalization
  • Team Assemble
Jan-June 2019
SEC Regulation
July 2019
STO Launch
July 2019
2 week Pre-STO Offering
Aug 2019 - Feb 2020
Main STO Offering
Jan - March 2020
Delegations Of the Ophelius Protocol Engineers
April - July 2020
Incubator Launch

Start the incubator arm to recruit Developers and startups who will build DApps and systems on the Ophelius platform

Aug 2020 - Jan 2021
1st Test Lab Facility

Source and build out the first physical USA Test Lab Facility in one of the following cities: ​ ​

  • San Diego
  • Portland
  • Seattle

Feb - Aug 2021
Install and Test 3D Printing Equipment
Sep 2021 - Jan 2022
Live Manufacturing Platform Launch

Rollout the Live Manufacturing platform, systems, DAPPS and UI

Feb - July 2022
B2B Platform Launch

Rollout the Wholesale Ordering & Distribution platform, systems, DAPPS and UI

The Visionaries Behind the Company

Executive team

The Ophelius Labs team combines a passion for AI, robotics, and 3d printing, while holding industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & manufacturing.

Hani Boushra Harieg
Chief Executive Officer

A visionary that thinks about the impact a product may have on the market 20,50,100 years from now.  Sometimes known as “The Quixotic”, Hani brings over 22yrs of experience in manufacturing, tangible and non tangible product rollouts, finance, and distribution.

Ryan Kasemsak Dial
Head of Marketing

Ryan is an essential part of the team, and has been with Ophelius Labs since the very beginning. Ryan brings over 16yrs of Marketing in various verticals.  With his keen sense of attentiveness to consumer behavior and trends, they call him “The Watcher”

Siv Nay Ly
Head of Verticals

At Ophelius Labs, Nay oversees current and future/confidential products and their corresponding verticals.  With her meticulous sense of perfection, she is sometimes referred to as “The Human Ledger”.  This makes Nay the perfect choice for overseeing Verticals.

Mark Christopher Angeli
Head of Finance

Mark’s extensive eduction has been in the Accounting and Finance field.  With his versatile experience Mark brings over 12yrs of exposure in Auditing, AR/AP, Finance, and Management.  If Mark had a synonym it would be “The Actuary”

Ramita Tee Suwanworabun
Head of Events-Asia & North America

Ms Ramita brings over 20 years of 5 Star Hotel experience. In her career she was in charge of large hotels in Thailand as well as USA. She has overseen operations and forged strong relationships with event venue facilitators, as well as A-List B-List C-List and D-List Celebrity Managers . At Ophelius Labs, Ms Ramita will be in charge of facilitating speaking events, conventions, trade shows, and VC engagements.

Oleg Valentinovich
Design School Liaison/Advisor

Over the years running an IT and Web Design company, Mr Oleg developed great relationships with Colleges and Universities in the Portland/Seattle area. Oleg’s relationship building skills served him well over the years; forging strong business bonds with College Deans and Career Advisors.

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Frequently asked questions

The company is RegIstered at San Diego, USA.

A disruptive hinder to any growing organization, is the lack of liquidity. Due to the current unfair competitive manufacturing environment, a growing organization is unable to order materials and supplies in an "as needed" fashion. The most common option is to purchase in bulk; and sometimes the minimum quantity requirements create overhead burdens. Such organizations rely on loans that carry interest and/or compounding basis points. Furthermore, managing multiple platforms, takes resources away from the primary goal of a company; which is growth, sustainability, predictability, and ultimately profit/liquidity. As companies grow, the dependency on these platforms also increases, which adds to the disruptive costs that are incurred in order to “just manage" these platforms.

To create prototype manufacturing factories utilising the latest tech in order to create production lines with significantly lower overheads. Advanced robotics, A.I. and 3D printing techniques are suggested to reduce recalls from a 20% down to 1%. Most importantly by conducting manufacturing in a demand driven quantity and nationally or even regionally would reduce overheads substianly.

The Lab is aiming to be the first prototype factory to incorporate 3D printing, Robotics, A.I. and decentralized technologies (DApps, oracles, distributed ledger tech).

The idea is that any startup can share the production line. It will be a shared company where potential clients will be able to house beyond their manufacturing their Admin, Logistics and any other needed departments beyond the actual business part.

Once each of our clients achieve profitability we aim to help them with VC funding for them to have a mini Lab (mini factory) which will be running in the Ophelius Labs Protocols. An actual physical node.

We at Ophelius Labs aim to recruit, mentor and seed small startups as well as developers; who are interested in developing Oracles, DApps, and Systems that will run on our platform. The incubator will provide an environment for networking and connecting with our partners and leaders in the blockchain world. From prototyping to fundraising to marketing to business development, startups and developers will have access to a plethora of solutions to help them bring their visions to life.

For transparency, security and liquidity. We will focus on the utilization of 3 solutions: 1. Oracle based systems for legacy and traditional systems to plug into the blockchain and our platform to access DApps and Systems. 2. Token based systems for blockchain systems and DApps to use OPPL Tokens in a variety of Utility Functions 3. A Programmable Protocol Ledger for blockchain based systems and DApps to run on; with the on demand option to use OPPL Tokens if desired/needed.

Prime use case for any security token is an investment connected with the trajectory of the company it’s associated with. Furthermore, the project is aiming for partnerships or collaboration with a 3rd party to be able to offer fiat credit lines utilising the crypto asset as collateral. (example of a company that does this is Nexo) in order to create funding opportunities for the ventures of the startups that participate through an in house created platform.

60% R&D 10% Client Relations/Retentions 5% VC Relations 5% Conventions/Partnership Sourcing 10% New Executives Onboarding 10% Office/Department/Board Delegation


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